i finished sketching all the pages for chapter 4!!!


i really should cut my hair, it's getting way too long in the back and my bangs get in my eyes sometimes.
I wanna change the color too because i look almost exactly like i did a year ago (except im a little scrawnier now)
don't really feel like bleaching it though so it's gotta be something darker than what i have now.
I've been thinking maybe half-and-half green and turquoise?
something like this

its turquoise currently and i have like about 1/4th of green hair dye left
so if i cut it shorter its probably enough for half my hair ( ยด w ` )b


break has been pretty boring so far, but i did meet some friends today.


new month name of APRIL has arrived!
Befitting the theme, it's very warm and sunny out.
i even have the window open a little to let some air in.
It always feels strange when a new month comes.
"Wow i cant believe time has passed so quickly!" is what you always say.
Even though it's a very inconvenient concept, im a bit obsessed with the passing of time.
I'm always thinking "oh, its been 3 years since that thing" or
"around this time a year ago i would have been[...]"
maybe it's something to do with the transition from one thing to another.
I would like my comic to maybe have the central theme of "time passing/passing time"
but im not really sure how to make that come across.
The results from my art school submissions have gotten back.
I haven't looked at them yet. too nervous.
But i will when i've finished writing this.
And then i'll go play some animal crossing.
And then i'll eat dinner.


today was all right.
me n my friend who im in a band with met up and rehearsed for about an hour,
then we walked down the road youre allowed to walk on and we got ice cream
because its half off at all the stores by the subway station(it always is in early spring).
when we were sitting in the sun and eating our ice cream a guy who said he's a street photographer came up to us and asked if he could take our picture.
we said ok, he did and he showed us his other street photos
i guess he really likes taking pictures of punk kids, cus thats what alot of them consisted of. i recognized a lot of them that ive met in the past.

i have to get my blood taken tomorrow and im dreading it.
last time i did i got so dizzy & nauseus from the blood loss that my vision went blurry and i could barely stand up straight.
so they had to put me in a chair that tipped me back and forth, sorta like a dentists chair that goes really far down, but it moves.
this was as to get the blood back into my head. It was not a very nice experience.
i hope it doesn't happen again.


didnt sleep very well but im ok
tomorrow starts a new school week, we're not gonna have school on friday becouse jesus is gonna die.
then after that we have break for a week AND no school on monday.
it's weird cause it feels like we just had a break, which isn't surprising since we did have break only about 4 weeks ago.
i haven't gotten the results on my submissions for art school yet,even though its been like two weeks since i emailed them.
Im really nervous because what if i don't get into any scghools and im sad forever and die???????then what??????????????
but i think i'll be fine. i hope i'll be fine.
i have installed a rule for myself not to post the pieces i did on any social media n such until i get my results back, as to not get my hopes up.
its raining cats & dogs as i write this, and i hope it doesn't get colder because last week the weather was really nice and sunny.
(the reason i said "raining cats & dogs" is because that's always english teachers use as examples for english expressions that don't make any sense.
But i don't think ive ever heard a native english speaker use that expression. Is it actually a thing people say?) Speaking of last week, im pretty sure i went to school every day the whole week.
i dont really even think about those things anymore except if im doing badly,
lately it just feels easier to do things.
It used to be a real struggle to go to school every morning,
im pretty sure last semester there was only one week where i went to school every day of it
. This log is getting pretty long, im sorry about that but i dont think anyone is even reading.


went thru my whole closet today, getting rid of stuff i dont need and organizing it all nice


blueberry and chocolate do not mix well together




i wonder if any of my friends have CD players cause i wanna make them CDs with songs 4 them
i remember when i was a kid my dad used to burn CDs of me singing silly little songs
hes a musician so he has a recording studio soundbooth thing with all the mixing equipment
its pretty cool but hes always in there playing clarinet or sending emails so i cant look around in there very often


do you like the drawing up there??thats me writing these logs.
i slept really bad last night,like i kept waking up and just
when id fallen asleep my dad woke me up for school -_-
its friday tho!!!*does my friday dance*


i decided it's spring now,so i wore my vans(and my bigjeans)


went to school 4 real today.
i have alot planned for comics wise, ive started sketching.
yesterday my buddy gave me a code for which is a site for putting your characters in.
i wanna start putting my things on there but it looks kinda complicated lol


saturday started out good but then got real bad.
sunday was just sucks the whole day thru.
i might be sick because im cold and sneezing.
trying to think of more things to write but i can only think of things no one wants to hear about.
Car Seat Headrest is a good band


hard work pays off


'nother boring day of online classes, snow and leg pain -_-
it was really windy n when it started snowing it got like a snowstorm out there
so im actually pretty glad i dont have to go outside.
im almost finished with a painting for art school submissions!!!!
just a couple more details, then i can take some photos and e-mail them 2 the jury!
i hope i showed off my full artistic potentials i really do like really really

^sooo snowing and windy outside. it got even worse later in the afternoon.


Hello to whoever is reading this, and welcome to my journal/diary/log/whatever!!!
I think "log" fits the best because i dont want it to be superpersonal like a diary.
I'm actually not too sure what to write in this first entry...I guess i could say a little about my day?
This week im doing schoolwork from home, so thats what i'll be doing tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
It's not very fun, especially for my legs. Im just sitting at my desk all day and i don't have to walk between classes
or walk to the train in the morning(before school) or afternoon(after school)
which leasds to sitting in the same position for a reallyreallyreally long time. but and well heres the thing with sitting for me:
I dont like sitting in the normal position. Dare say i say even hate to it???
It's really uncomfortable and i much rather sit with my legs scrunched up or crisp-cross-apple-sauce or sitting on my legs folded.
i also have this weird thing where i have to cover my feet like all the time?? like there has to be something on my feet other than socks.
so sitting all contained the whole day makes my legs be in pain :(
so when schools over i kinda just wanna lay down in bed but that makes me eel like im lazy even though maybe thats just my brain telling me that.
i was gonna say sorry 4 rambling but ummmm this is MY log and MY right to write so many words about my legs hurting!!!!!
it's also started snowing again -_- just when it was getting warmer -_-
oh well, atleast its sunny & green on my animal crossing island \(^w^)/